Greetings! Вітаємо! The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education is pleased to provide access to the provincial online language course e-mova: Core Ukrainian 30. This is the final course in a series of three online high school credit courses for Ukrainian language education. By the end of this course, students will be able to read, write, speak and understand Ukrainian at an advanced level.

The course material has been developed in a manner which provides strategic language growth through three sequenced programs of study. Ukrainian language students and their teachers have access to the complete language learning package, which is based on the provincial Core Ukrainian Curriculum Guide. The course e-mova: Core Ukrainian 30 is a continuation of the credit courses e-mova: Core Ukrainian 10 and Core Ukrainian 20.

In order for Saskatchewan students to attain a high school credit for this course, they must work under the supervision of a teacher who holds a valid provincial teaching certificate. Several methods of delivery are available in Saskatchewan: in-school, out-of-school, summer immersion and distance learning (see FAQs for program locations).

As you view the course material, you will notice that there are references made to a Course Instructor, Student Calendar, and a marking system for Assignments/Tests coordinated via teleconference, fax and e-mail. These references are important for students who have chosen the distance learning option.

A program package (including CD-ROM) for e-mova: Core Ukrainian 30 is available from Curriculum Distribution Services for a nominal fee.

Pre-course Activities
Course Overview
Units of Study
News and Events

This course may also be used as a non-credit self-study program by adult learners.